Feel what your planet feels.

Dystopian Places is a simulation designed to make you feel uncomfortable.

Human development has brought us to where we are today, but not without its consequences. One of the many repercussions of our actions, is a phenomenon called water hypoxia. Water hypoxia is defined as a detrimental decrease in the oxygen levels of a body of water. Areas with extreme hypoxia are commonly known as ‘dead zones’ due to colossal die-offs. Although the process can be of natural occurance, the severity in which hypoxia is affecting our waters today is a result of irresponsible human development. Dystopian Places invites users to attempt to breathe in a hypoxic area. The simulation is composed of two main parts: a mask and a virtual map.
The mask restricts the airflow the wearer is receiving. The reduction in air intake mimics the oxygen deprivation of a selected area on the map. The human wearing the mask will then understand what it would be like to be a fish living in an area with water hypoxia. Dystopian Places hopes to be a piece of the puzzle in moving towards a more environmentally conscious world. We are at point where action needs to be taken at a large scale, and sometimes, we need to feel to understand.