The core of my personal fascination and interest lies in understanding the physical world to the point where I can actively turn imagination into reality. My inspiration is constantly renewed by the balances, dynamics and relationships of nature: how a wire of copper wound around iron creates a magnet, or how in a different configuration it can make a motor.

I utilize a diversity of materials, experiment with their physical limits, and sometimes with the help of electricity, I see them come to life. I perceive my creations to be analogous to the interdependent association of the body and the mind; the body being composed by the physical aspect of the objects and the mind by the software which commands them. Through using electronics, photography, sculpture, and other media I explore notions such as motion, light and function. Repurposing and giving new functionality to mundane objects is something that amuses me. After all, it is the only way to re-invent or re-interpret reality. I avoid producing work that is overtly defined preferring transience over permanence. It’s ultimate purpose is to operate as input which unfolds organically into a unique experience depending on the individual, tapping into pre-conceptions and shaking them off.

The possibilities that arise by exploring and integrating physics into design are endless. The final product is a mere consequence of the overwhelming process of creation which fuels itself through re-newed inspiration along the way.

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 Email : yvogdanis (at) gmail (dot) com

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